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Feb 5


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I feel as if there’s always something that has to get done, or be fixed, that I just can’t seem to get around to. I swear it’s a unending battle. I finally have over 70 clips on my “Ashley Renee Bondage Clips Store” at It has been a little tricky trying to get the hang of it. I’m talking about the whole description writing. It’s so much different then a website. I wonder how the top stores climb so high when they seem to put up the exact same content over and over again. Is there a method to this madness?

I must apologize for skipping 2 weeks of blogs, but as you can see, I’ve been busy with Lorelei from “” putting up a ‘Stuck in the Hole’ set. :-) I was grabbed while walking barefoot to the local grocery store. A man taped me up, shoved me in a hole, gagged me and threatened to bury me alive!

Ashley Renee & Lorelei

I have a brand new chapter from my ongoing series, “Super Ashley.”

Ashley Renee & HIP Comix

And the very best part of last weeks update is my new video “SPELLBOUND.” I’m taken to the headmaster for discipline. He decides it would be much funnier to take advantage of the ‘vulnerable wizard student’ and cast a spell on me. A spell that keeps me all tied up and stiff as a board. When he’s done lecturing me for my bad behavior….he drags me over to a table, pulls out my breasts so he can grab them, and then ties me tighter, further ensuring that I won’t be able to struggle too much when he forces himself inside me!!

Ashley Renee

This week I worked with Jon Woods from “” He tied me up in a tiny shed when I was caught snooping through some boxes that were clearly none of my business. I’m cleave gagged with my wrists, elbows and breasts tied. Then I’m pulled into a strict strappado. My panties are pulled down to expose my pussy, and I’m left on the dirty floor whimpering and humiliated!

Ashley Renee & Jon Woods

“Rubberella” turns me into her latex pony girl. I have on mitts and am locked into vintage stocks so she can whip, and fuck me while I stay perfectly still.

Ashley Renee & Rubberella

A fabulous fetish set of JJ Plush pulling out my stuffing gag, and me escaping from her complex pantyhose encasement in the fetish section.

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

But the best are my 2 new videos!

WHORE – I finally reach the hotel room of my next client in a shimmery gold dress, garter belt, stockings and 6 inch stilettos. When my client opens the door I’m shocked to find a woman waiting there for me. After coming out of the bathroom to freshen up a bit and recover from the surprise, my client makes me pass out with a damp rag. When I finally come to, I’m tied on my knees in the hotel closet. Then the woman shoves the entire damp rag in my mouth and wraps my head with electrical tape. She pulls down my dress and continues wrapping the tape very tightly around my big breasts until their painful and swollen. I’m soon released from the strappado and helped out of the closet where more tape is added to my gag, and rope to my body. My client is so sweaty that she takes out her bright red lipstick and decides to humiliate me further by writing the word SLUT on my forehead. She ends up leaving me in a very complicated and vicious hogtie!!

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

BRUTAL!! – I never met Jim Hunter before, so I decided to dress to impress, wearing a short plain skirt, pumps and a shiny blouse with no bra underneath. He hardly even took noticed. He just threw me down on the floor at the foot of the bed with my legs crossed and ankles tied tightly together with sharp wire. My arms were tied spread to the foot board with more wire lashing my wrists and elbows, so I could hardly move a muscle. A big red gag was shoved in my mouth. I sat there moaning and petrified, but the Hunter just comes in with more wire to bind my breasts and the base. I tried to protest, but he didn’t care at all! He took advantage of the situation by groping my body and grabbing my tightly bound breasts! He then attached clover clamps to my extremely sensitive nipples, then attached them to the rope at my ankles. I tried desperately to free my wrists so I could take the pressure off my breasts which were already turning colors. It was just no use. The wire was way to tight and I was on the brink of exhaustion!

Ashley Renee & Jim Hunter

I hope you like my new work with Jim Hunter. He really is HARD AS HELL!!!

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