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Jan 6


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….are always exciting! That’s why I can hardly wait for the middle of January to arrive! I get to work with a lot of new riggers, that I’ve only been able to dream about thus far. Jim Hunter and Eric Cain are coming to LA, and I’m scheduled to work with them both. I imagine dreams do come true!

Roughed Up In My Own Backyard – A stalker looms behind me while I’m in my backyard. He sneaks up and chloroforms me. When I awaken, my mouth is stuffed and gagged. Then he stashes me away, so my roommate can never find me.

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

I have the continuation of my photo and video set for FORCED INTO SUBMISSION inside, too. Fantasy becomes reality when I’m caught masturbating to a very old HOM magazine. I get interrupted by a stranger who drags me into a room and puts me through some very humiliating positions. Then he forces me to dress in pantyhose, stiletto heels and a choker (as if I’m his little doll) and then orders me to suck a dildo. He watches me very carefully. When I’m done, he makes me pose in several positions before he stuffs me in a trunk!
Ashley Renee

Cat-burglar Caught In The Act – I’m caught snooping around and stealing things from JJ Plush’s bedroom. Not such a great idea. When JJ awakens, she wrestles me to the bed, ties me in the strictest hogtie I’ve ever been in, stuffs my mouth and wraps a nylon over my head while tying my head back. “That will teach you”, she utters. (Ah, yes it did!) 13 minute video inside
Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

Game Over – Tanya Danielle and I have some fun. Tanya ties me up, crops, flogs and smothers me. She hogties me on the kitchen table, and then puts on a sexy show. When her boyfriend comes home he stops our fun and decides to play some of his own games.

Ashley Renee & Tanya Danielle

And some even more exciting news….. I have a brand new comic inside by “Hipcomix”. We have done a few series together, and since we get along so well, we decided to do another. This one is the “Rebirth of a Superheroine”. Ashley, of course. I even got to add in my favorite bad girl, JJ Plush from “Born to be Bound”. I have the first chapter inside my site, and it’s soooooo cool. For everyone that isn’t aware, I have a whole section dedicated to ‘Extras’. I guess you’ll have to come inside to see what I mean by that.
Ashley Renee AKA Super Ashley & HIP Comix

I added a few archives by request.
Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee

But, the BEST is my new video with JJ. I really love working with this talented, busty beauty. The way she stuffs my mouth, the way she ties, she has me aching for more (even when I can hardly move, including my jaw.) LOL. In this new video, JJ has me dressed very conservatively in a blouse, shirt and jacket. Then I’m tied with rope and a collar in a steel cage, spread open in some very vulnerable positions. She then unties me, pulls me out by my leash, and parades me around in public with my arms tied behind my back. It was sooooo hard to keep my balance! She returns to her high loft to pull off my skirt, revealing a very sexy garter, and puts dirty panties over my head to smother me a bit. She then stuffs my mouth so wide, my jaw burns. She continues tying me to the chair, and leaves me in a bittersweet struggle. This video is HOT, if I do say so myself.
Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

Plus, Desi D Angelo and I are stressed out waitresses that get a little annoyed at the customer that keeps on complaining. When Desi finally tells him off, he ties her to the chair, and me to a serving table. We get taunted and abused until we’re worn out from exhaustion.
Ashley Renee & Desi D Angelo

Don’t forget to visit my new Clips4Sale store. I’m already ranked one of the top 50 studios, and it’s only been up a few weeks. :-) Also, I have my own token site at

Have a Happy New Year, and I really, really hope one of your new year’s resolutions is to ‘live a little’ and get a membership. :)

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  1. redlightgypsy January 12th, 2011 3:45 am

    the new comic rocks – i love it !!!

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