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Sep 16

SUPERHEROINES – Wunder Ashley is back –

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This weeks set is amazing! Natali DeMore is “Black Diamond”, a villainous ready to blackmail me when I finally discover where she’s hidden the jewels. I get knocked out with chloroform, and my golden lasso and boots are stolen as I lay unconscious, rendering me completely helpless. I’m tied, humiliated, gagged, clamped and vibed while Black Diamond comes up with even more ways in which to blackmail me. Finally, I’m suspended, sweaty and exhausted. She hangs me with a vibrator tied and strategically placed for non stop orgasms. My feet tickled and I’m tormented endlessly.
Ashley Renee & Natali Demore

RESTRAINED ELEGANCE – Master thinks that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman in a sheer nightgown locked into metal cuffs, collar and belt, ready and willing to submit!
Ashley Renee

BOUND SECRETARY – Hmm… So this is what my boss meant by overtime….
Ashley Renee

Plus 2 new bondage videos

FORCED FANTASY – Ariella Ferrara and I are held as sex slaves, forced to do anything and everything. Our enslavement includes sex, torture, humiliation and groping anytime, anywhere. (An intense video!)
Ashley Renee & Ariella Ferrera

And Part 2 of BORN TO BE BOUND – With the incredible JJ Plush, and her very stringent on screen tying. This includes stuffing and gag wrapping, plus breast bondage with tight duct tape. A very strict and sensual video, one that I enjoyed so much, I can’t wait to have her back to tie me up again!!
Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

Needless to say….I was so busy shooting with Natali DeMore, I forgot to write about last weeks update. A sexy rope-expert type tie with pantyhose peeks, a face tie, and head wrap gag.
Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

Another 16 minute video with the ever intense Damon Pierce. You can only imagine what was in store for me since Damon is a regular rigger at “HardTied”. It was extreme and very intense. I was sore for days. Go ahead, take a peek.
Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

And there is lots more in the archives and fetish sections. (Yep, that’s right. You get behind the scenes as well.) I’ve been really proud of myself keeping up with my insane work load. (But, loving every minute of it, despite the soreness and bruises.) I hope you’ll join and support my work. It helps me to produce, keeps my website alive, and keeps food on my table. I appreciate all my members!!


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  1. redlightgypsy September 20th, 2010 3:51 pm

    what more can a man ask for???

  2. Master B November 16th, 2010 4:58 am

    Damn, some astonishing poses here! Especially breast bondage shots. Class A+!

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