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Aug 23


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Okay….so I was a little….no that’s a lie…. I was A LOT upset when my shoot got cancelled on the way to it, due to a few small details. But, instead of crying about it (which I wanted to do) and driving all the way back home (after having my make up done) I called my great friends, Jon Woods and Lorelei, and asked if they wanted to do a impromptu shoot. Of course, being the nicest people in the world, they agreed. I couldn’t have been happier. I searched through their HUGE wardrobe and picked out this super sexy suit, for which I had a pair of full-fashioned stockings to match. I LOVED IT! I hope everyone else does too.

Ashley Renee

Also, I was asked to please put up a set that I did exclusively with Mina Meow awhile back. I never can turn down a member’s request so….here it is!

Ashley Renee & Mina Meow

And, there’s one set that I’m very proud of, with me, porn star Monique De Moan and Jim Weathers in a very sexy seduction/tickle storyline. :-)

Ashley Renee & Monique Demoan & Jim Weathers

“OFF GUARD” is a very EXTREME, set I did with the forever, king of HARD TIES, Damon Pierce. I am always so impressed with the outcome. Of course, during the shoot, I can hardly believe I making it through all of the content. Bet you didn’t believe I could really do all this intense stuff, did you?

Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

Also (in the archives) a naked, inverted suspension, with enema.

Ashley Renee

The New Video is simply TORTURE! (In a good way.) Last week, Damon Pierce met me at Natalie Demore’s studio. He asked that I dress conservatively, which is definitely Damon’s thing. He loves a super submissive. First, he ties me around the neck with one hand behind my back, and the other hand to my knee. Although, it’s not the most ascetically pleasing tie, it’s very effective. I couldn’t move up or down, and I was terrified. He interrogated me endlessly about, why I was submissive, what I liked, etc. Then he tied me into a tough pile driver position, took out clips and a vibrator, and tortured me endlessly by making me cum all while teetering between pleasure and pain. This video is amazing!!!!

Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

Plus, a redone archive video with me and Brooke Lane. Surprise time!

Ashley Renee & Brooke Lane

I hope you love the updates, and by the way…. I’m offering a big discount on recurring subscriptions until Tuesday!!! Don’t forget about Ashley’s Playroom as well.


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