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Jul 29

AMAZING : The crazy situations …

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

The crazy situations in my life never cease to amaze me. I don’t really know if I could pinpoint an exact emotion. I feel, by the most recent turn of events,…..(more in my personal diary)

What I will say, is how great it was to work with JIm Martin from “Bondage By Request” this week. I love when I can struggle, drool and moan in a sexy corset, allowing me to feel SO vulnerable. Don’t ask me why. It just makes me happy. I know it’s complicated!

I was also lucky enough to get a super naughty whipping from Tim Woodman, aka “Pro Villain”. I received this punishment in the continuation of our storyline “SECRET AGENT”. When he doesn’t hear exactly what he wants from me, he drags me into the dungeon to interrogate me further. I’m menaced, groped and whipped with a variety of floggers! I couldn’t sit for days. No kidding! I have some deep marks as proof!

“Serious Bondage” makes their way to LA, if only to encase me in a canvas straitjacket with leather straps. Then latex nurse, Samantha Grace ‘institutionalizes me’. I won’t go down easily. I go kicking and screaming.

I’m also forced into total submission when I’m tied up in an abandoned garage. Mousetraps are clamped onto my breasts, leaving them horribly swollen and so tender. Then a steel dildo device in forced into my pussy.

Plus New Videos with me as a horny, sex-starved housewife. Frustrated and bored, I start masturbating in front of the camera while confessing all my nasty fantasies. That is, until I’m interrupted by my husband’s early return. When I’m caught, he chains me up. Then the ‘real fun’ begins. ;)

And, an Archive Favorite Video, with Damon Pierce, that needs no introduction. Just take a peek. It will ‘speak’ for itself. ;)


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