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Jun 23

NEW UPDATES – Secretary in Trouble –

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A masturbating secretary gets in trouble when her boss comes back early from his lunch break. :-) I’m stripped, bound and gagged. Then I’m left humiliated in front of all the employees.
Ashley Renee

Working with “Serious Bondage” is always special. Their gear is fabulous! Dalton gets dressed up in a suit. I get dolled up in black latex. He confines me in leather and steel toe boots, restrains me to a metal bar and then suspends me in all different ways. Then he takes me down, attaches a vibrator belt and finishes off the job.
Ashley Renee & Serious Bondage

“American Damsels” celebrated my birthday in a very special way. I was duct taped and force fed birthday cake.
Ashley Renee & American Damsels

Then I was tied in front of the fireplace in a purple girdle, with nipple clamps and a vibrator. I can’t escape the powerful orgasms no matter how hard I try!
Ashley Renee

Plus 2 new bondage videos!

CAMP SCOUT – I didn’t realize selling cookies was such a hard task. Especially when the guy behind the first door I knocked on, drags me in, ties me up and then gropes me endlessly. I try to fight him off, but fail miserably. I get tied in various positions, but I never stop the struggling.
Ashley Renee

Plus THE BLAME GAME – “Bondage by Request” feels that this is the perfect opportunity to tie me up in a sexy black corset, leaving me open and vulnerable. I don’t take this very well….so I start mouthing off. (Which only serves to make Jim angry.) He pulls out a crop and whips my inner thighs. When I continue to taunt him, the situation gets out of hand. I should have quite while I was ahead. I never learn!
Ashley Renee & Bondage by request

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  1. redlightgypsy June 24th, 2010 5:56 am

    the bondage by request video is perfect,i LOVE it!!!

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