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Apr 23


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I forgot….to update my blog last week. I can’t believe that. Just goes to show you how preoccupied I am with work and, a very fun, but hectic schedule! Last week, I had a great update with Dalton. He strapped me down to a bondage table, put mitts on me, added a gag and used a vibrator full blast! I couldn’t move at all. It was serious pleasure torture!

Ashley Renee & serious bondage & Dalton

Plus, a few new archives, and the highlight… video with Master Liam. The photo set is up this week! He attacks me from behind, ties me up, grabs my breasts, strips off my clothes and forces himself inside me! When he isn’t quite satisfied, he ties me up in a second position, just so he can do it again!

Ashley Renee & Master Liam

JG Leathers makes his way back to with his fabulous gear, a latex hood, posture collar and wicked nipple clamps. Then I’m restrained to a bondage horse, forcing me to keep my balance. I love JG and his amazing gear!

Ashley Renee & jG Leather

Plus, for all you Andrea Neal and Jim Weathers fans….I pulled out an old archive from ‘way back in the day’ when Andrea was around, and Jim Weathers tied us together.

Ashley Renee & Andrea Neal & Jim Weathers
Of course, I can’t forget to add a newly released interview with “Serious Bondage”. I talk about some very intimate details of my past S/M relationships. There’s also a video with Stacy Burke and I as superheroines where we have a fight to the finish.

Ashley Renee & Stacy Burke

AND there’s a poker game with Damon Pierce. I, of course,¬†cheat¬†and Damon goes on a rampage. He ties me up and tortures my breasts something fierce. It’s one of the roughest manhandling videos ever! (You won’t be disappointed.) I’m sore thinking about it. :-) So, that’s an extra bonus video…. Hope you enjoy but more importantly hope you join to see what I’m talking about.

Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce


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  1. redlightgypsy April 25th, 2010 3:24 am

    JG leathers rocks and i really enjoyed the serious bondage interview and the bonus video with damon,excellent updates this week!!!

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