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Apr 1


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….And I never thought the day would come….nor had I wanted it to but….I just can’t….(more on this inside the members forum)

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DISORIENTED – I really looked forward to my weekend shooting with “Serious Bondage”. It had been nearly 4 months since their last visit. Mark and Dalton always brings new and wonderful gear. Things I haven’t even seen before. So imagine my excitement when I pulled on a sexy pair of fishnets and was laid upon a ‘rolling hogtie fuck table’. That’s all I can think to call it because, that’s exactly what it was. Dalton gets out his leather straps, fastens me in and proceeds to rip my stockings like a ravenous animal. He was eager to expose all my private, arts and sexy polished toes! He grabs a pair of goggles and a ball gag and then gives me the ride of my life, as he turns me until I’m dizzy and disoriented.

Ashley Renee & serious bondage & Dalton

Viking asked me to dress into something super sexy. For some reason, I love sheer teddies. I feel super long and lean in them! Viking got wind of that and thought he’d emphasize that feeling. So, he pulled out some rope, wicked nipple clamps and a vibrator and let me have it!

Ashley Renee & Viking

He’s also incredible with Shibari and breast bondage. So, I thought I’d put up a set that really shows off his talents. Or would that be mine?

Ashley Renee & Viking

Next….I’m a mannequin and Julie Simone dresses me up in a store front window. It was a very erotic feeling knowing I couldn’t respond to all the sexual advancements. But, as soon as she fastens a dildo gag around my head, I suddenly come alive and turn into a real girl. Then I turn the tables and get on top for a change. Julie doesn’t take to that well. I soon I know why, and, before long, I’m tied again in a stringent hogtie.

Ashley Renee & Julie SImone

Plus an Easter Special! – The Easter bunny (Harmony’s own Jasea) is back. She grabs my basket, makes me do tricks and ties me up, turning me into the perfect holiday display for the upcoming feast.

Ashley Renee

Also….Part 2 of “The Burglar” – An intruder ties me up, manhandles every inch of my corseted body and soon calls his friend in to finish the job. Only this guy has something completely different in mind. He takes out an electric toothbrush as well as some other tickling devices. Now I’m caught in the middle of heaven and hell.

Ashley Renee

And lastly…..I’m duct taped and blasted with water. Super intense! I guess you’ll have to go take a peek at the preview page. And don’t forget….I have a special going on right now.

Ashley Renee

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  1. redlightgypsy April 1st, 2010 10:04 pm

    wow so much good stuff this week,it’s hard to favor anything,looks like i love it all :-)

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