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Mar 15


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I guess it’s really the same old thing.   Saint Patrick’s Day seems to be an excuse for everyone to drink (as if they need an excuse).   But, I’m not really a drinker, so, I celebrate by getting tied up!!   That’s way more fun than alcohol!

I was working hard serving drinks to everyone else, and watching them get drunk when I was attacked by one of the drunken Irish men! He used his beer bottle on me in a very naughty place!
Ashley Renee

Purple Latex! I think the photo says it all! (Click the photo to see the rest of the previews)
Ashley Renee

Then a thief breaks in and takes advantage of me!
Ashley Renee

A chain is locked around my neck, and I am helpless.
Ashley Renee

Stacy and I have a super hero power struggle. She is quite victorious!
Ashley Renee & Stacy Burke

Plus TWO NEW bondage videos!! Alexis Taylor gets me drunk, and calls a friend to join her while they remove all my clothes, and tie me up!!
Ashley Renee & Alexis Taylor

Lot’s of new updates this week! I hope you come join me!

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  1. redlightgypsy March 16th, 2010 11:04 am

    brilliant videos and great new sets,maybe the best weekend of the year :-)

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