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Mar 4

SOMETHING UNORDINARY – Jacklyn Lick write you ! –

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Most of you know, Ashley is far from ordinary………………. so, who is this?   This is Jacklyn Lick.   I’m updating Ashley’s blog this week.  Ashley has been crazy busy. And by that, I mean, much busier than usual! So, after much begging and a promise that I would get to spank Ashley, I agreed!  This week, we are diving even deeper into the unordinary.   My favorite!

I love it when Ashley wears secretarial looking clothing! It reminds me of ‘The Secretary’, a viewing prerequisite to dating any man! (or woman!) ;) In this set, she meets up with a stranger wielding a knife! He slices up her panties and stuffs them in her mouth. She ends up bound, helpless, and alone.
Ashley Renee

Did I mention it’s BONUS WEEK? Oh! Well, what is bonus week you ask? GO LOOK! There are a ton of updates! Really cool ones too! In one of my other favorite sets of the week, Mina’s boyfriend comes home early and finds Ashley and Mina in sexy lingerie being naughty! He ties them up left to grind pussies, and makes sure they get enough of each other!
Ashley Renee & Mina Meow

In one of the video updates, Ashley realizes how deprived she is sexually, and can’t get enough as she gushes with forced orgasm after forced orgasm!
Ashley Renee

I can’t say enough about this weeks updates, you really have to go check the rest out for yourself! Let’s just say, out of the ordinary!

click here to see more!

Jackie and Ashley

P.S. The playroom was updated this week too!!! Go check it out!!!

Ashley ReneeAshley Renee & Emily AddisonAshley Renee

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