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Dec 30


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Wow, a decade ago, everything was so much different! All the great models seem to either retire or they are forced to move on to different junctures of their life. The net has changed in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin.

People used to appreciate everything we did. Whether it was photo sets ranging from 40 pics to 100, or personal attention. There were little or no videos, and companies were appreciated for their efforts. But, as time went on, less seemed more, while the smaller companies and models were making little, the huge companies survived and took over the net. Everyone thought they were the wave of the future. They forgot what was important to them. Panic set in, and they started copy catting the huge producers.

Life turned into a series of free content, affiliate programs and naked women getting humiliated and abused. (not to say this isn’t quite fun from time to time). But all in all, art has been lost. I think models motivation had slipped away and we were no longer appreciated as we once were.

How sad. :-( At least for me. What will the future hold? Who knows? As always, if you value the future of bdsm, if you don’t fit into the square peg and you prefer naked, humiliated, penetrated women, then, I ask that you support your favorite models and companies for the little time they have left. If you don’t, the bdsm community will be left with only hard core nudity and very little damsel in distress.

Think again. The 20 dollars you pay for a pizza could buy you a membership into a hard-working, committed site that is struggling to survive in the dog-eat-dog world!

I personally wanted to thank all my members that have been so loyal throughout the years. All the fan mail I get and still receive means the world to me. But, also for my hard working friends that have brought the net to life. The late Mr.T, Lorelei from bedroom bondage, Jon Woods, Jim Weathers, Jim Martin, and all my friends that I don’t get a chance to work with anymore. Like my cherished side kick Eve Ellis, Andrea Neal, Alexis Payne, Sharon Kane, and the list goes on and on.
This sounds like a farewell letter. I truly hope it isn’t.

Please help save our companies. We have years of blood, sweat and tears invested. I promise, it will be greatly appreciated and remember, begging is not beneath me.

Ok, enough of that depressing stuff. Here are the MAIN reasons you should join!!! Emily Addison and I are playful roommates. I couldn’t wait to instigate a pillow fight! But before we knew it, some burglar broke in. To our dismay, he didn’t want money, but found it more exciting holding us at knife point and forcing me to tie up Emily. Then, he did the same to me and left us alone and frightened. Just 2 lonely damsels in distress.

I also have 2 great blasts from the past! One in a latex maid outfit with a ring gag and crotch rope pulley by Gwen Media, and another by Fetish Nation, where I’m tied and cramped into a small tub of water and forced under! What a terrifying experience!

I also have a brand new 11 min video of me getting into a beautiful leopard garter belt and stocking, then I’m secured into a leather sleep sack. Before too long, I can hear the click of a vibrator that seems to have some sort of malfunction. I was horribly scared, and then, I get electrocuted! So the terror in my face and voice is real! I get vibed in and out of the bag. Soon, my terror turns to tears of laughter since I can feel the vibration of the vibrator on my ass, and feet. Really a super dramatic video. At the end, I’m placed into a leather hood with the vibrator tied on. I waiver between giggles and moaning.

Make sure to click on the photos, because there is really SO MUCH MORE to check out on my site. Even in the free section, there are video samples, photos, and much more. Please support the bondage community and visit your favorite model today!

The True Damsel In Distress


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  1. Ryan December 31st, 2009 6:24 pm

    No, don’t even think it could be a farewell letter! You make my days and weeks better for doing what you do- you’re my outlet for BDSM, otherwise I’m not interested. :(

    The video looks really cool- it’s interesting to not be able to see everything and have to imagine some of it, so the bag works really well. Plus, someone like me could just scoop you up in my arms and take off ;-)

  2. redlightgypsy January 1st, 2010 9:29 am

    you together with emily that’s like nitro meets glycerine—a visual firework for new years eve !!!

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