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Dec 26


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

The best part of xmas was when I was dressed in a red latex catsuit, pulled downstairs in front of the fireplace and tied in a stringent hogtie. Then Master stuck pine cones under my face so I had to keep it up. :-) All this to prove to Santa that I deserved all the toys he would be giving me.

Also a Brand New Video with Mistress Mina Meow and I! – It was so exciting to┬áplay with Mina. She dressed me up in a spandex straight-jacket, took out all her naughty implements and then spanked me until my ass was good and warmed up! Then she pulled out her favorite glass dildo and plunged it deep into my wet pussy while I was tied back to the medical bed with my legs spread far apart.

Plus a new installment of my all exclusive comic with (all episodes inside)

Don’t miss the archives and favorites. Plus another New Video of me rolling around and struggling in a beautiful pink corset!

Hope you had a great Holiday!


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  1. Ryan December 28th, 2009 1:24 am

    A great stocking stuffer, Ashley :-) Did you get my e-mail this time? I sent it to ashleybound@ashleyrenee.

    And I hope this isn’t crude but… you have the nicest pussy ;-)

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