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Dec 3


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I looked over my site, my content, my videos, archives, fetish section, my large guest related chats, interviews and forum, and I realized I am very happy with my site, my over all content and the variety. I really can’t do much better than I am already doing. Why?… Because I’m doing the very best I am capable of!
I ask myself why people aren’t joining like they use to. I give myself the excuse of a recession, piracy sites, etc. But, stolen content is really the big problem. People just steal everyone’s content.
It’s so sad no one has a conscience. That there forcing sites to close down all because they don’t want to pay for what costs us thousands a month, not to mention our blood, sweat and tears.
We ask a tiny amount compared to what members receive, and still others steal our content. It’s just NOT FAIR (more in my personal diary)

BLOW JOB LOCK BOX – The greatest benefit to working with “Rubber Dynasty” and “Serious Bondage” is the coolest gear ever I get to be strapped, locked and harnessed in! I look at my updates this week and think, the whole set is just way too cool. Different from anything I’ve ever done before. And I have to say…I LOVE IT!
Two different gags, those gorgeous, sexy, perverse, fascinating toe boots (which I am so fond of.) The cool blow job box. A fucking machine and nylon hood that gets squirted with cum!

Then there’s DERANGED – A totally twisted, damsel in distress that’s tormented by an evil clown…and eventually gets a pie in the face. I think it’s so SICK. This set takes my biggest sexual fantasy, bondage, and mixes it with my greatest phobia, clowns. The result was mixed emotions. It was both a gratifying and explosive day. Lucky me. (video also inside)

FETISH SECTION – Me and Julie Simone, doing what she does best….choking. She loves sticking her fingers and fist down my throat to the point that I gag.

I have a new video from “Bedroom Bondage”. Part 2 of “Secretary”. (photo sets inside) It features me in self-bondage, caught getting off. So I’m tied and handcuffed on the bathroom floor. It’s so sexy, and so me!

There are also archive updates of photo sets on video. :-)
I try hard not to leave anything out!



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  1. Ryan December 3rd, 2009 7:15 pm

    Oh man, Ashley… this weeks sets are amazing. Never thought I’d see you with cum on your face, and it’s mega hot. Trust me, you’re worth every penny and so much more. I would pay just to meet you, you’re that great to me. Hope you feel better knowing that you have die-hard fans of your work and passion still. :-)

  2. redlightgypsy December 4th, 2009 6:45 am

    ashley rules!!!

  3. Ryan December 8th, 2009 12:56 am

    Why do I never see anything like that in my bathroom, anyway? If I did I might have to spend more time on the throne ;-)

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