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Sep 4


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Sarah Blake and I were caged and held captive, taken out only to serve as bondage sex slaves satisfying our captures appetite for sex and forced orgasms!
Ashley Renee & Sarah Blake

Plus, my first day ever working with Rubberdynasty was so amazing!
Gwen put me in her amazing latex and hood with gorgeous spiked stiletto boots! (that made me cum all in itself)…  Then, Gwen sat me high on a chair and ordered her close friend to just DO SOMETHING to me! :-)
OMG look what he did!
Ashley Renee & Rubberdynasty & Gwen

Also, a super classic tie in a sheer body stocking and pumps.
Ashley Renee & BBR

Don’t miss the set of me as Wonder Woman, and Stacy Burke as Daisy Chain, in a crazy animated bondage storyline.
(Super-hero fans be prepared)
Ashley Renee & Stacy Burke

Guy Di Silva gets wicked and rough with me pulling out mousetraps from his dirty garage and a steel dildo device.  I’m in for it this time!
Ashley Renee & Guy Di Silva

But my favorite part of this whole update is my video with Julie Simone from last night.
She ties me on top of a wooden bondage table with rope and leather, and hooks my crotch rope to the ceiling so it’s nice and tight.   Then, she starts fucking me in my mouth with her fingers and a big black cock.  Suddenly, she holds a vibrator tight to my pussy, talking super dirty.  All the while, I never let my lips off the cock that’s shoved deep in my throat.  (Ok, I’m still hot and bothered from last nights video!!!)
Ashley Renee & Julie Simone

Don’t worry.  There’s so much more from where this came from!
I’m very proud of myself this week :-)!!!

Please check back in the next few weeks.   I’ll have pictures posted of my Playboy Bunny costume that is for sale.
I have two flat tires I need to fix! :-(
Bye, Bye, Bunny!


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  1. Ryan September 27th, 2009 1:18 am

    The video is so awesome and intense Ashley! You always are a treat as Wonder Woman- I know what I’d do with your golden lasso ;-)

    Seriously though, I’m sorry you’re having to sell your Playboy costume- things’ll pick up soon though, I just know it.

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