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Apr 5

SERIOUS BONDAGE – they are back !-

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Forgive me for skipping a week of blogging, but I got side tracked.
Serious bondage came to town and I was so excited I could hardly think of ANYTHING else!

I have two new incredible sets this week!
One is a remake of a drawing I saw years ago and have been obsessed with ever since!
If I’m not mistaken it may just be a John Willie black and white.
In any case this is version of the drawing.
I hope you like it. (It’s been a life long fantasy of mine!)
Ashley Renee & John Willie tribute

The second set is from
We actually shot 7 sets while they were here, and I’m fortunate enough to have them all!
I couldn’t decide which one to feature first since they were all so cool!
I picked the set on the bondage chair in handcuffs, ballet boots (of the coolest kind) and then shoved into a leather butterfly straightjacket and last laced into a hood.
I was so lost in sub space, I did’nt know where I was…ask me if I care :-)
Ashley Renee & serious bondage
As if this isn’t enough I have a barmaid roleplay set, and an amazing new latex video, getting off while I lube myself and then tied on a couch with a head-harness and glove.
Ashley ReneeAshley Renee
I’m really getting into being bundled these days…
I think it’s my latest obsession !
I’m getting wet just reliving it in my mind. :-)

Go take a peek….these sets are to die for…I know I was there :-)




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  1. Ryan April 6th, 2009 8:43 am

    I love that picture too, the first one I noticed. It’s so submissive (plus I love it when your mouth is open). Just great work this week as every week- you say you’re getting wet thinking about it, I’m pretty excited looking at it myself ;)

  2. Matthew Wohlken May 3rd, 2009 3:24 am

    love you straight bound, head to toe, skintight–you’re long and lean, I want you tight around your slim shapely buttocks–and I know how tough your ballgag is but thank you for being you and just loving the beautiful bondage servatude…truly special in your artistry–know that and don’t sell yourself short–you are an intense, savage ballgag beauty! None better….

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