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Mar 2


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Hi everyone!  Ashley here!

I really think I’ve out done myself with this weeks member’s update.  I’ve got everything from latex, medical, peril, to enemas and costumes and more!

I start out feeling sexy in this hot latex catsuit!  I couldn’t wait to start the pictures.  I was so into it!  Once that set was finished, I was ready for some bondage.  Covered from head to toe in latex, I was bound tightly to a barber’s chair!  The red gag was tied tightly around my head, forcing my mouth wide open!  Even if I wanted to beg to be released, it would’ve been inarticulate!  It was incredible!

Latex Bound

If that wasn’t enough,  this week we have a spectacular role playing fantasy!  While sitting at home working on my blog, tonight there was a jailbreak at the county prison.  The escaped convict, while looking for a place to hide, happened across my brightly lit apartment.  I’m not a shy girl, so I leave my curtains open.  Sometimes, so I can watch the night, and other times so that night can watch me.  Tonight however, the night was filled with danger.

As he happened by my window, he caught sight of my shapely figure and my long legs.  He stared for a few moments before deciding to make his move.  Not only would he have a warm place to hide this evening, but he also had something to keep him entertained.  When he made his move, he snuck right up behind me… without me even hearing him!  I was overcome, and it wasn’t long before he stumbled across my collection of ropes and ball gags.  Even though he had never tied up a girl before, he was masterful in his execution.  It wasn’t long before I found myself completely at his mercy!

He tore open my shirt began fondling me.  That horrible gag prevented me from being able to tell him to stop!  It wasn’t long before he had my legs spread and my helplessness unfolded in front of him.  There was nothing I could do to stop him from having his way with me.

Escaped convict

Also this week, is something I’ve pulled from the archives. The lovely Artemis Antone makes a guest appearance as my sexy patient while I get to play Doctor!   I try to get the upper hand on my lovely patient however the tables are quickly turned.  Before I know it, I’m tied tightly bent over, and an enema nozzle is inserted with a full bag of water behind it!

Enema nurse

Mistress Julie Simone rounds up this update with the fantastic set of breast bondage pictures.  Wearing nothing but pantyhose, Mistress Julie binds my breasts until they are swollen and blue!  Then she uses her favorite glass dildo and makes me cum over and over again!  It was wonderfully torturous!  I loved to hate it!

Strict breast bondage

This week our featured video is tickling with Vivian Ireene Pierce, I’m dressed in a maid’s uniform, and tickled relentlessly!  Check out this Free Preview!

I want to take a second and thank everybody for reading my blog! I love writing each week, and I hope you enjoy reading it! Don’t forget to check out my video playroom at Ashleys Playroom , and don’t forget to check back often for my audio, my updates, and other fun surprises!

Love always,
Ashley Renee.


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  1. Ryan March 13th, 2009 1:36 pm

    Your write-up for the role-playing fantasy was very well-written, Ashley- beauty, brains and submissive, you really are the perfect girl ;)Have to ask- how did the enema feel?

  2. ashley renee March 25th, 2009 1:45 pm

    Advice….make sure there’s a bathroom in sight LOL

    Scary and exciting all at once !

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