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Nov 7


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I’m so excited about this weeks sets! Me and Mika really out did ourselves if I do say so myself LOL! We took one glance at each other in our pantyhose and started a huge TUG O WAR… all sexually motivated, I don’t think we left out anything. It ended with a double dildo insertion some kinky orgasms and Tim Woodman coming in to gag us with our own sweaty stockings reeking of sex ! I’ve been horny for days. I guess it’s just the sex aftermath – over 120 pics

Also when the cats away photo set latex, phone sex and more! Office Slut and a long awaited video with Vivian Ireene Pierce as roommates moving in together when my boyfriend comes home only to tie us up and make us pay for trying to ditch him. Vivian and I get crotch rope tightly together so when one pushes or pulls the other feels the pain. All the while my boyfriend torments us from the sidelines !

Ashley Renee & Mika Tan



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  1. ashley renee December 10th, 2008 1:09 pm

    What ?
    I thought everyone would love seeing a pantyhose catfight with a sexy girl that is really into what she’s doing !

    I love Meka !

  2. Ryan May 7th, 2009 2:03 pm

    I do! I love this picture, looks like she’s won and is taking her prize ;)

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