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Oct 25

HELP! – Rough Time –

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I’ve been having such a rough time. Just in general, I feel lost and alone… but I won’t go into it here since I poured my heart out in this weeks journal and to re-live it in the blog would be torture (then again I do like that don’t I?).

I finally got the chance to meet and work with Vivian Ireene Pierce which I hope everyone will agree was quite a memorable one. She doesn’t make it out to LA often so I jumped at the chance to work with her. We really hit it off and I have this weeks secretary set to prove it!

I’m Vivian’s boss hard at work, filing papers and typing transcripts for the head honcho when suddenly a complete stranger comes in, ties me up and leaves me there for my assistant Vivian to find me. I am so grateful when she walks through the door I’m sure the whole ordeal is over with until she starts to free my hands and then the stranger re-appears only to tie her up as well! Poor Vivian, she was only trying to help. As we lay there helpless and vulnerable waiting for help to arrive or to get free somehow ourselves!

Plus new cheesecake updates of my playing with myself which I so often do, new archives, favorite, new fetish, plus here’s a sneak peek from this weeks videos of me in the spread eagle and penetrated in all orifices by Satin Steel and Charlotte Fetish. GANGED UP ON by them both!


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  1. Ryan May 7th, 2009 2:22 pm

    I love the SatinSteel set, it’s very sexy. I’d probably just sit there and watch all day while you writhed and orgasmed ;-)

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