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Sep 18

CAPTURED – Jon Woods rules –

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I’m in for it when Jon Woods discovers he’s been double crossed! He throws me on the mattress, ties my elbows together then rips my blouse off and squeezes my breasts, he pulls up my shirt so I’m all exposed then he hogties me and leaves me to wallow.

Ashley Renee & Jon Woods

Also take a glimpse of my new video ROLL IN THE HAY… I can’t believe Alexis Taylor doesn’t accept my sincere apologies when I borrow her pick up without permission. I make a valid attempt to win her over by washing her truck in my shortest skirt only to get rejected. She grabs me, throws me in the bed of the truck, ties me to the bale of hay then drives me off into town to completely humiliate me further!

Ashley Renee & Alexis Taylor

Plus… THE PLAYROOM HAS BEEN UPDATED! Take a look at Ashley’s Playroom (my video and archive token site) where you get exactly what you pay for!

Ashley's Playroom banner



2 Comments so far

  1. Bondage Bob September 27th, 2008 1:21 am

    Loved the “driven into town” bit, public humiliation is always good.

  2. jason fields October 26th, 2008 10:54 am

    dear ashley;
    I HAVE A BONDAGE REQUEST!!!!!!!!! YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    okay, so here it is. Get someone to tie you hands to your sides, and wrap you up brutally in cellophane wrap (or household saran wrap), really REALLY tight, leaving only your head and pussy open. Get a gagging ball and well…get gagged. Then, get them to tie a rope around your waist and hang you somewhere with a dildo shoved up your pussy. When i mean hanged somewhere i mean tie you to the stairs and throw you over the balcony so your like dangaling there.

    Test it out and e-mail me back…
    Sincerely Jason

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