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Sep 12

A VICTIM? Pure emotion in my Diary

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I have nothing but pure emotions laid out in my personal diary this week so if you’re interested in my life’s struggles please pay out most attention to my journal this week :-(

I also have a beautiful and vulnerable set shot by BBR tied on my favorite pink rug with beautiful pink rope feeling vulnerable and sexy with a dildo tied deep inside :-)

Plus a new video called, HERE KITTY KITTY… I start out unable to keep my hands from wandering all over my body. I masturbate till I’m all nice and wet then as I’m right about to cum Jon and Lorelei burst through the door tie me up in a few different positions and reveal in the fact I’m right on the verge of multiple orgasms.


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  1. Ryan May 7th, 2009 2:35 pm

    These sets were so hot. The first set feels very soft and feminine, you look vulnerable and almost irresistable. The catsuit set combines two of my favorites- you and Catwoman. It’s a horrible pun, but I have to say it- nice pussy ;-)

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