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Aug 27


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Once a year or so I like to pay tribute to some of my favorite riggers. I take a compilation of all my favorite pictures and put them together to make one huge image gallery! I feel so fortunate to be able to work with the worlds best and sometimes when I have time to relax I look back in amazement of what I’ve accomplished…

So this weeks HUGE sets are just a smidge of the work I’ve achieved with them over the years with people such as, Lorelei, Jon Woods, Lew Rubens, Michael “Viking” King, Eden Wells, Fetish Nation, Bondage by Request, Gwen Media and Ikarus Jones to name of just a few.

Also in this update a new set of me as Catwoman (finally a dream come true) and a new video Double Trouble with me and Alexis Taylor. We fight furiously over my promotion because as usual she wants to steal my job away instead she picks a fight and we brawl till she has me pinned, then she shoves my wet panties in my mouth, ties me up and leave the telephone within my reach, she’d be shocked to know I can actually inch over to it and moan for help!


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