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Aug 23


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Updates for this week :-)

AMERICAN PIE! Alexis Taylor gets super angry when she finds out I took her truck into town without her permission even after I wash the whole thing spotless! She throws me in the back of the pick up ties me to a barrel of hay, puts a ball gag in my mouth with a bandana over it then drives me back into town displaying all my private parts for everyone to see!

Plus… THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT! Feeling like a little devil one day I tried to play a trick on my friend. The only problem was that he didn’t find it funny and turned the tables on me. He quickly had me bound and his hands were all over my body before a big ball gag silenced my moans. A vibrator tightly tied between my thighs made sure I’d be horny for a long time, thankfully he let me cum for him too!

and a GREAT NEW VIDEO! DOUBLE CROSSED… So much for a fun night out, I didn’t even make it to the door! I’m put on an old mattress and my hands are bound, then once he has me secured his hands begin to roam. More rope is lashed around my legs to keep me still before a ball gag is buckled in place. Then he pulls my shirt open to get at my breasts while I struggle in his hold!


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