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Jul 31


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I am so amazed at some of the information I recieved so far requarding the hacker/stalker info
I truely can’t believe people were actually in all my personal information !

I feel so violated !
It’s truely amazing to think the amount of energy others will go through just to scare you or take you down
Good thing there are laws against such crimes :-)

Wow..I never thought I was that important but obviously I am !

About the update !

I have a great new set of me dressing in a corset and a beautiful compromising tie , also a fetish set of me untied and 2 amazing new video’s !
Take a look at the free preview and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about !


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  1. Jack Diamond August 2nd, 2008 9:08 pm

    Hi Ashley,

    You’re probably the only person I’m a “fan” of. I admire your work and would love to have had a relationship with you. I think you’re work is very sexy and you’re cutting edge and always right on the money. I suppose along with this comes a certain amount from the crazy folks. While I do know they exist I know from friends I’ve developed over the years there really aren’t that many crazy folks or stalkers. I couldn’t imagine how hot it would be to come home to you at the end of a day and find out what you were up to. Meanwhile, I’m a producer and quite happy with who and what I am. I’d love to meet you, under any circumstances where you would feel 100% at ease, I mean sincerely 100%. I think you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, of course I’m also a realist. I’m sure you have a husband or lover or whatever, but still in all I’d love to meet you.

    Best always, Jack

  2. Ashley Renee August 14th, 2008 1:44 am

    Hi jack !

    What a flattering email !

    Thank you so much for writing :-)

    I have personally come across a few crazy folks but hopefully that will be dying down soon !

    Please email me at my personal address….:-)
    and btw…loverless…lol

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