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Jul 18


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I stumbled across a photo set Jay Edwards had taken and realized how much I miss working with him. I took a screen grab and sent it to Jim and asked if he’d be able to copy that tie, he smiled and said “of course I can do anything!” So I began in a simple but effective wrists to ankles which gave Jim the idea of hooking up the fucking machine. It was the perfect height but what wasn’t so perfect was Jim wanted me to suck that thing as it was moving in and out and high speeds… which was ultra challenging, but sexy no less. Afterwards he had me cross my ankles and sit in a lotus position my elbows tied together in back my breasts all bound up and a waist rope that didn’t allow me much movement forward or backward to minimize the pressure. My drool was uncontrollable!

Ashley Renee

Plus, new updates in my favorite section, a new incredibly sexy video and a blast from the past! Whew I out did myself this week. Have a quick look at the peeks and see why :-)


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