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Apr 18


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My newest video TRUE TO FORM has it all in this two part special!

Ashley Renee

First I show off my raw hot sexuality and and passion for vintage cars when I work everything including myself, but soon I’m taken by surprise! My hands get tied behind me, my legs are pulled back nice and tight, my mouth is stuffed and rope is wrapped tightly around my head so drool seeps out, soaking the hemp. Then clothespins are added to my tender inner thighs, huge breasts and labia. The stranger then pulls out a roll of duct tape to hold the clothespins in place and to keep my pussy spread open and wide before I’m left to suffer through it all as the garage door is slowly opened to reveal me inside!


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  1. Ryan June 23rd, 2009 9:54 am

    Great set, surprised no one commented on it. I love it when you drool, if I’d been there I would’ve added a vibrator, sat back and watched the waterworks ;-)

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