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Mar 7


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In the last segment of this intense video!!! Mistress Gemini keeps torturing my cherry red bottom with different implements including paddles, floggers, crops and the dreaded cane. She keeps my interest and stamina high while she baits me with dreams of reward! Afterwards she takes me down and into the bathroom keeping on my gag and latex stockings she continues the torment then to my surprise, she turns on the water that shoots out of a metal dildo and cleans out my pussy then turns me over and fucks me hard with it! I was so excited and turned on while shooting I know it shows…!

Ashley Renee & Mistress Gemini


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  1. Ryan August 4th, 2009 12:11 am

    I can’t believe no one commented on this back in the day. Love the whole thing- I say this all the time, but there’s nothing better than you with a gag in your mouth and soaking wet, in both ways ;-)

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